Volume 1 - Number 2

Security based on Received Signal Strength in Localization for Underwater Sensor Networks

Karamjeet Kaur and Gianetan Singh Sekhon
Wireless, Security Pages 1-7

A Cost Effective Sharepoint Platform Attendance Tracking System

August Anthony N. Balute, Mateo D. Macalaguing Jr. and Dennis B. Gonzales
Software Engineering Pages 8-13

Image Stitching Algorithms - A Review

Srishty Suman, Utkarsh Rastogi and Rajat Tiwari
Image Processing Pages 14-18

A Survey Paper on Security in Cloud Computing: A Bibliographic Analysis

Krutika K. Shah, Vahida U. Vadiya and Rutvij H. Jhaveri
Distributed Computing Pages 19-23

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