Analysis of Microarray Data

Omar Moussati and Mohamed Benyettou

Published in Volume 2 - Number 1, January 2017


Subject Area : Artificial Intelligence

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Omar Moussati, Mohamed Benyettou (2017). Analysis of Microarray Data. Circulation in Computer Science, 2, 1 (January 2017), 5-8.

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The computerized interpretation of biological information has taken a great interest in the scientific community, since it opens up very rich perspectives for the understanding of biological phenomena. These phenomena require collaboration between biologists, doctors, computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists. In this article we studied one of the most important subjects of bioinformatics, it is the biochip. We presented the various steps involved in the analysis of microarray data, Then we applied the KPPV method to the biochip data.

Keywords: Biochips, DNA chip, Microarray data


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