Researchers are encouraged to promote their CCS articles in scholarly communities and academic networks to reach to a wide audience around the world.

Circulation in Computer Science is committed in supporting you throughout the publication process, which also includes post-publication period where promoting one’s research is significant in determining the success of a journal article.

Use the following tips and suggestions to promote your research.

Search Engine Optimization

Make your article search engine optimized before publication.

  • Title: Keep the title short, clear and with broader general concept.
  • Keywords: Include specific keywords which feature the key areas of your article.
  • Abstract: The abstract is the most important part of a paper. Include keywords and key-phrases in the abstract repeating them few times.

Social media and online platforms

Announce the published article to the world through social media and online channels that it is available to read. Alternatively, you can approach colleagues and friends, who could mention your work on their social networks, blogs, and website.

  • Blogging: Write a blog post and inform other users regarding your paper. This allows gathering feedback on the article and testing your ideas. (popular blogging platforms: Wordpress, Tumblr)
  • Twitter and Facebook: You can use these platforms to easily share information about your research. Place an announcement on your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page highlighting the publication of your article with a link to direct people to the online version.
  • Social Networking sites: There are numerous social networks created specifically for researchers, industry professionals or academics. Some of the popular networking sites are:, Research Gate, Mendeley, LinkedIn, CiteULike. These sites allow you to showcase your portfolio of work, link to your papers, and find and follow your peers.

Institutional promotion

Use your institution and department’s website to add online link and information about your paper.

Conference promotion

The research article can be presented in the conferences of related discipline. Conferences present an ideal opportunity for networking and meeting individuals.

Email promotion

A brief email could be sent to the existing contacts introducing your article. You could also include information about your article in your email signature including the article’s full-text link.

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